evoking emotions

FG stijl comprises several different disciplines: interior architecture, architecture, concept and product design, styling and graphic design. This combination of talents has been utilised across a range of projects that include restaurants, hotels, offices and retail spaces. Our head office is in the recently completed Detroit building on one of Amsterdam’s redeveloped ‘design islands’, with a broad view over the famous river IJ. Whatever the brief, our team strives for a style that is representative of the culture in which the project is constructed; we develop the entire aesthetic of each project by harmoniously bringing together both architecture and interior design.

Our visions are shaped around people. Without any single overriding, immediately identifiable style, our aim is to understand who the clients are and to place ourselves in their environment. From the initial idea, beginning with the construction of logical spatial planning, we use our knowledge of interior style to nurture the ambience of a space, as well as the way the space appears to those who will experience it. We see our role as communicating a message from a client to their guests through design and style.

Designed by designers, built for people.