FG stijl interior architecture

FG stijl is led by Colin Finnegan and Gerard Glintmeijer and comprises several different disciplines: interior architecture, architecture, product design, styling and graphic design. This combination of talents is utilized across a variety of projects that includes restaurants, hotels, offices and retail spaces. The office is located next to one of the city’s beautiful canals The Amstel and next to the Hermitage museum. Consistently striving for a style that is representative of the culture in which the project is constructed, the team develops the entire aesthetic of each project: they harmoniously bring together both architecture and interior design.

The F of FG stijl

Growing up in England, Colin P. Finnegan was inspired from an early age by visits to historical museums and palaces. This led to his study of interior design from an architectural perspective, with additional studies in Egyptology which culminated in travels along the Nile. In 1989 Finnegan moved to the Netherlands where he freelanced with various architectural offices before setting up his own. Finnegan met Gerard Glintmeijer in 1993 and their shared passion for design and the expression of style through interior spaces saw them join forces two years later: by 1995 Finnegan was working with Glintmeijer as a partner and founder of FG stijl.

The G of FG stijl

Gerard Glintmeijer is a Dutch native with qualifications in concept design and interior styling. He graduated from hotel school where he specialised in economics and business management and began his career in hospitality. He furthered his education with interior styling studies where he excelled at creating atmospheres through visual expression. In 1995 Glintmeijer started working with Colin Finnegan as a partner and founder of FG stijl and manages the concept and financial aspects of client portfolios.